People want to maintain their ethnicity. They want to maintain what it is that's unique about them and generally just want to enhance the way that their nose looks. I think a very important question that a patient should ask a plastic surgeon is how many rhinoplasties do you do? What is your revision rate and also how often do you do ethnic noses because it's a very technique-dependent procedure that tends to be very artistic. I think that the nicest thing that RealSelf and that doctors’ websites can offer is to get a glance of the doctors’ before and after photographs. I think that's the most important thing because what we do is so visual that we want to make someone feel like they look better and look prettier or more masculine and they don't have to feel that anybody can tell that their nose has been done.

Key Questions to Ask Your Surgeon Before Getting an Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Dr. Daniel Shapiro recommends key questions to ask your surgeon before trusting them with your nose.