To restore the appearance of the face with volume loss is a very common complaint that patients have when they come in, and short of doing a face lift with a lot of volumizing techniques, there are many injectables now that are on the market that are great for volumizing. The first being Sculptra, which was originally for people that have fat loss from age is a wonderful product and that can be layered. The nice thing about the newer products is they last longer. There is always Juvederm and Restylane. There is a new volumizer that we are very happy about is called Voluma. That also is a long-lasting injectable that you see the results immediately and we are thinking that the results last anywhere between a year and two now. Lastly when people come in and they don't want those sort of injectables, they want something that I can do for them would be some fat transfer and I do a lot of that. The beauty with fat transfer is that it is your own tissue. There are some byproducts of the fat that are great for the skin including stem cells and growth factors. What is beautiful about it, that I like about it, is it is very artistic, and I can really three dimensionally enhance the face in a way that looks beautiful and really people can't tell anything has been done.

Restore Volume to the Face... Without Getting a Facelift

To restore volume loss in the face, Dr. Daniel Shapiro suggests filler products which patients can choose over a fully invasive facelift.