Dr. Elizabeth F. Callahan: A couple things, actually, many things, contribute. There are things that we cannot control, like our genetics, and certain things about how we grow up, but in general, there are a lot of things, a majority of things, that we can control. We can control our diet. We can control what goes into our bodies. We can limit the amount of sun exposure. That’s a really important part of premature aging.

Most people don’t believe how important that possibly is, but all you have to do is look at the left side of your face and compare it to the right side of your face, and you can see differences. Other things include, you know, in terms of the lifestyle someone has had a high degree of stress, smoking, all of those things can play a role.

What Factors Contribute to Premature Aging?

Doctor Elizabeth F. Callahan discusses possible factors that contribute to premature aging and how we can control these factors.