Dr. Elizabeth F. Callahan: Primary areas are the eyes, the mouth, and also the cheeks. Most people know about the eyes, and they know about the mouth and around the lips, but most people miss the point that they are severely volume depleted in their cheek area, because as we age our cheek pads migrate downwards. And that is what actually causes the deepening of the folds here, deepening of the folds here, and jowls.

It’s the migration downward, and people sometimes miss the fact that they have a little depression, almost like a little triangular depression in their cheeks. Everybody is different, and the key is to look at that and then customize a filler, almost in the form of almost like a customized implant to replace the filler right in that little spot to recreate an angle up to the illusion of going up, as opposed to down. Most of my patients come in with a downward, sad look, and if I can customize the filler and put it in that little spot, that’s depressed, which is very unique to that patient. I can absolutely do a turnaround for them in 30 minutes.

What are the Best Areas of the Face to Rejuvenate?

Dr. Elizabeth Callahan discusses the best areas of the face to rejuvenate.