Female Voice: Basically overall when you combine all the FDA fillers that we have in the United States, the average filler is going to last anywhere from about six months to upwards of almost two and a half to three years. It really depends on the filler. It depends on the person to some degree and in some certain areas, it actually depends on where, how many times the fillers has been injected, because we get collagen stimulation. So actually over time particularly people that I see again and again and this is why it's so important to see people over time and get to know them and their skin and their facial structure, certain areas don't need as much filler every time. In fact, I get collagen builds up over time particularly areas around the mouth where I'm using hyaluronic acid fillers.

Over time, the filler is actually you perceived it as lasting longer and longer because they've had filler in that particular location six, seven times over time and I'm using their structural collagen or almost their bank of collagen which I've helped stimulate to continue to shape and make an area even better. So I often tell patients when I first start, "You know, we're going to make this area a little bit better. But if you see me every six months, nine months, we continue to put filler in this area, your results are going to get better and better because it's your body's collagen and you own it."

How Long Can Fillers Last?

Dr. Elizabeth Callahan discusses how long fillers last.