Dr. Sally Booth: We have a number of wonderful options as well for brown spots, broken blood vessels, the signs of aging that go along with sun. And the most effective from brown spots is our IPL. We have a more advanced platform for that called the AFT, it's an Alma lase, and we are able to tune it to the person's skin type to more effectively treat the brown spots.

Minimal downtime - a few days - and that laser also treats fine blood vessels that are broken on the skin. We also have the most state-of-the-art vascular laser called the Vbeam Perfecta made by Candela, and it's very, very effective in treating broken blood vessels and vascular lesions, as well as red scars and a number of lesions.

What are the Best Treatment Options for Age Spots?

Doctor Sally Booth shares what devices she uses to help treat brown spots, age spots, and broken blood vessels.