Dr. Sally Booth: Well, I like a variety of body contouring options, depending on a person's needs, the amount of fat or contouring they want done, and the amount of downtime that they're willing to accept. We do have radio frequency body contouring via the Tite FX platform, which is radio frequency treatments that are very effective in sculpting, but not near as effective as actual liposuction. I have been doing tumescent liposuction since 1993. I trained with Dr. Jeffrey Klein in that procedure. But since then, there have been a lot of laser and other options available to enhance the original tumescent liposuction. Our practice just acquired the state-of-the-art Smart Lipo Laser which is very effective in helping to remove fat and contour in areas where the fat is more fibrous such as the love handles, and also to tighten skin at the same time. It's very effective for necks and arms, where patients might have loose skin and want to tighten as well as remove a little extra fat. The person who makes a good candidate for Smart Lipo is someone who doesn't have a tremendous volume of fat to lose, is fairly normal to slightly overweight, but has areas they want contoured that have always bothered them regardless of what their weight is. It should be someone who's healthy and has a stable body weight, but perhaps has maybe a saddle-bag deformity, or larger arms, or excess fat in the neck area, that they want to sculpt and contour.

Types of Liposuction Used for Body Contouring

Dr. Sally Booth discusses body contouring options using radio frequency, tumescent liposuction, or laser liposuction.