Dr. Sally Booth: There are a number of wonderful modalities for treating sagging skin. Our practice offers everything from very minimally invasive, to more aggressive techniques for treating sagging skin. We have the Fractora Firm, which is radio frequency tightening. It heats the subcutaneous dermis and fat, and stimulates collagen and enhances tightening. We also have the Fractora Resurfacing device that is part of the same platform, and it has less downtime but it causes deep collagen stimulation in the dermis. It has about two to three days downtime. And then we have the most state-of-the-art resurfacing - the fractionated resurfacing Fraxel Repair - which is more aggressive and requires probably a week's downtime, but it's very, very effective in tightening skin, treating fine lines and pigment irregularities, and all the signs of aging that go along with sun damage.

Minimally Invasive to Aggressive Skin Tightening Techniques

Dr. Sally Booth discusses a number of modalities for treating sagging skin from minimally invasive techniques to more aggressive techniques.