The very first step to remove the oil and prevent the oil obstruction of the oil glands. We use some exfoliator. Sometimes when they are infected, they have puss in it, we use some antibiotics too.

The medication that is used for the face could be a little bit different. Face is much more tolerant to acne medication. The back and chest or other part of the body is more sensitive and gets dried quicker, so you need to use a little different modality for those areas.

One of the reasons people get acne on the body is exercise. When you sweat a lot, you usually develop some pimples. The best is after each exercise and workout you do, take a shower. Make sure you remove all the oil as well as use some medicated wash. The [inaudible 00:01:01] wash was the best one for this purpose.

Battling Body Acne? These Are the Steps to Treat It

People of all ages are battling body acne. Dr. Sid Danesh explains why it happens and what patients can do to treat it.