Dr. Sid Danesh: The best way of prevention of the color changes in the skin is not going in the sun and using sun block. Obviously there are some bleaching agents. There's Hydroquinone, which is not safe to use in large areas of the body, but if you only use it on your cheeks or on your face it's safe, but you don't want to use it all over your body. Because of absorption, if you use it in large areas of the body, it could have some side effects. So it's better to use it in only a small area of the body. When you're using the large amount of Hydroquinone what kind of side effect it has? That's the reason that we don't want to use it. But most the most common side effect of Hydroquinone is for some people it causes irritation of the skin.

Is Skin Bleaching Safe?

Skin bleaching products continue to gain popularity, but are they safe? Dr. Sid Danesh weighs in.