Hi, I'm Dr. Dan Shapiro. I'm a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. I've been practicing cosmetic surgery in the Scottsdale, Paradise Valley area since 1992. I perform a lot of body contouring surgery and I am kind of an expert on cellulite, because I am one of the few doctors around that perform Cellulaze, which is a laser treatment of cellulite and really the only long-term, more definitive treatment for cellulite.

People often ask me, "At what age should I have Cellulaze performed?" The answer to the question is there really is no age consideration. Unfortunately Cellulaze does not discriminate. It only discriminates against women. Men don't seem to get it because anatomically their fat is arranged differently than women. Women can get cellulite right after they have their periods. Whatever age you start menstruating is when you start a lot of estrogen and that seems to be one of the precipitators of cellulite.

The ages that I've seen as patients range anywhere from the teens all the way through people in their 60s and 70s. There really is not an age that's too young for cellulite or for Cellulaze. It really depends upon your presentation. I've seen patients that are 16, 17 that have horrendous cellulite already. If you look at the mothers, they had the same thing when they were younger too, so it tends to run in families. So the best way to understand what the options are if the cellulite is really bothering you is to come in for a consultation and see whether you would get a result from Cellulaze for the cellulite that seems to be bothering you. Thank you.

At What Age Should Cellulite Be Treated?

Dr. Daniel Shapiro discusses the age at which he recommends patients undergo Cellulaze, a treatment for cellulite.