Dr. Michael Yates: Now sometimes people simply want to have an improvement in the overall appearance of the nose that would be a cosmetic procedure. Here's a young lady that came to see me and she felt like her nose was just a little too large for her face so for her a cosmetic rhinoplasty provides a very nice overall improvement. We are able to narrow and refine the nose and also to take down the bump on the bridge of the nose and give her a very nice appearance.

Now, I think a rhinoplasty is helping to re-shape the nose but also helps brings out the other pretty features of the facial appearance. If you make the nose a little less obvious then the lips are more noticed, the eyes are more noticed. It really helps overall the facial appearance and pretty much just addressing one aspect of the facial structure.


Improving the Overall Appearance of Your Nose

Doctor Michael Yates discusses how Rhinoplasty can improve the overall appearance of your nose.