When patients come in to see me and consult about breast augmentation, they would like to have an idea of what size they're going to be. They usually have a cup size in mind, but what we have to do is to sort of think about what size or volume of implants will help them achieve that cup size. We think about milliliters, or cc's, the volume of the implants.

So how do we do that? Well, patients can try on breast implants. It's a nice way for them to sort of have a feel for what the size and the shape is going to be. We also love our Vectra imaging system. The Vectra is a computer generated image that takes a three dimensional picture of the body, the breast area, and we can in turn use a computer to sort of dial in different sized breast implants, so bigger or smaller, and the patient is going to be able to view how they're going to look postoperatively from the front, from the side, three-quarter view, even looking downward. So it gives the patient a very good idea of how the result is going to be.

Determining Size and Volume for Your Breast Augmentation

Doctor Michael Yates discusses how he determines implant size for breast augmentation. He explains that most women have a cup size in mind but should think about the volume.