Dr. Michael Yates: Today we're going to be doing some Botox injections, and showing you how we do those. Of course, most people know that Botox is a great way to treat wrinkle lines. I find that sometimes there's a little misunderstanding about Botox, maybe a little fear. After all, it is a poison that paralyzes muscles, right? But Botox is actually a very safe medication that is used both for medical reasons and for cosmetic reasons. And literally millions of injections are done every year for both cosmetic and medical reasons. And it's safe if it's done by a qualified practitioner, that is, someone like a plastic surgeon, like myself, and of course, dermatologists do it as well.

So Botox does a great job to help with wrinkle lines. It works well for the frown lines between the eyebrows, the laugh lines at the corners of the eyes, and the lines across the forehead. We can even use it down in the chin area to kind of elevate the corners of the mouth and make you look happier. And when you combine it with Juvaderm, which is a filler, you get the liquid face lift. So fillers help plump out the nasolabial creases, they can make the lips fuller, lines around the mouth, they can even fill out the grooves underneath the eyes. So Botox plus fillers equals liquid face lift. A great way to get a rejuvenation of the face non-surgically and with no down time. So Tammy, thank you for being here.

Tammy: My pleasure.

Dr. Michael Yates: So Tammy is interested in Botox for the area between the eyebrows and the corners of the eyes. And so, can you frown like we talked... Yeah. So you can see she's got some nice powerful muscles here, so Botox is going to work great for her. And when she smiles, she also creates a few lines there, and we were talking earlier about kind of what you were hoping to accomplish. Would you tell me about that again?

Tammy: Well, I'm 38 years old now, and while I don't have a lot of wrinkling or deep wrinkles, I do have, I feel, a problem with a droopier brow, or a little lifted look, and at the corners of my eyes I do get a little bit of creepiness. And so it just makes me feel like I look angry or tired.

Dr. Michael Yates: OK. So really, a perfect explanation of why it's good for you. And also how Botox can shape the face. We talked about it helping with these frown lines here, but when we inactivate these frown lines we're also going to get a lifting of the forehead. And the same thing when we go around the corners of the eyes, we get a little lifting out here. So Botox not only helps with lines, but also can shape the face.

So we're going to put on some numbing cream, because most people don't like to be stuck with needles. Of course, you'll see it's a little tiny needle for Botox, but the numbing cream definitely helps numb up the areas and make it a much more pleasant experience. So Cindy's going to be doing that with the numbing cream for the area. We'll just show you how that goes on. And so we really put a little coating of numbing cream on here. It takes about 5 or 10 minutes for this to work, so we usually let the patient relax in the chair here, read a magazine, do some emails, and then we get on with the Botox. So we're going to take a little break here while the numbing cream is effective, and we'll join you in just a minute.

OK, we're back. We've let the numbing medicine work, we've wiped it off, and I'm going to put on my funny magnifying glasses. We're going to go ahead and do some alcohol to make this as sterile as possible. We're going to go ahead and start the injections in just a second here.

OK, we're about ready to do the injections. So, Tammy, are you OK?

Tammy: I'm fine.

Dr. Michael Yates: All right, good. Now show me again that nice muscle you have there. So you can see how her muscle works, and it's important to know the anatomy of the face when you're doing these injections, so you really get a feel that the muscle's right here, so our Botox injections are going to be to weaken this muscle, we call that the corrugator muscle, it's what's responsible for these crease lines here, what people call the elevens, and by again weakening these muscles we'll see those lines flatten out and get a little lifting as well. Now, the effect's not immediate, Botox takes about two days to really...a week or two to be fully effective. So we're going to just show the technique of the injection today. So again, a little tiny needle, tuberculin needle, and we're going to be doing some injections here. There will be a little blood as we do this, but usually it's nothing major and it's nothing that doesn't really respond with just a little pressure.

Now I assume I'm not hurting you too much.

Tammy: Nope.


Botox Injection Demo

Doctor Michael Yates demonstrates Botox injections.