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  • Plastic Surgery Facial Rejuvenation
Sometimes, patients are concerned about overall facial appearance, and so for those patients, we might recommend what we call a full facial rejuvenation. That's a combination of procedures that really helps all aspects of facial aging. So, we might perform a brow lift to lift the forehead, upper and lower eyelid surgery to help get the loose skin off the eyelids, a cheek-lift to lift the mid-face, a face and neck lift to tighten the jaw line and to re-sculpt the neck, maybe some fat grafting to help plump out the lips and wrinkle lines, and some laser resurfacing for wrinkle lines, as well.

It's a great combination that really provides overall facial rejuvenation, so you can get a look that's really ten or fifteen years younger, but a natural look. Now, here's a patient of mine that came to see me. She has a zest for life, she's a great lady, but she just felt like she was looking older than she wanted to. So, for her, a full facial rejuvenation gives a great result. She looks younger. She looks more youthful, yet she has a nice, natural appearance, so it's a great combination.

Plastic Surgery Facial Rejuvenation

Doctor Michael Yates discusses facial rejuvenation.