It used to be that the only way to reshape your nose was to have surgery, but with the new injectable fillers like Restylene and Juvederm, a lot of surgeons are actually injecting the nose, they're straightening the nose, they're filling in little divots in the nose, and they're doing that with absolutely no surgery at all. And the positive part of it is you can go into an office, you can reshape your nose, and leave half hour, an hour later with a brand new nose. The negative is these parts are typically temporary. You may not get longer than a year or two out of that injection. And if you've had a previous nose job before, and if you've had many of those, you could be at risk of some serious complications. So make sure you discuss that with your doctor first.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty With Injectible Fillers

Dr. Anthony Youn explains the pros and cons to using injectable fillers to correct structural deformities in the nose.