Hi, I'm Dr. Dan Shapiro. I'm a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. I've been performing plastic surgery, or cosmetic surgery, in the Scottsdale/Paradise Valley area since 1992. A lot of what I do is facial surgery, and one of my favorite procedures is a rhinoplasty.

People do come in, though, and ask for my opinion with regards to their nose, and may not be ready for a surgical rhinoplasty, if you will, and want to know if something can be done non-surgically or, a non-surgical rhinoplasty. With the advent of longer-lasting soft tissue fillers, many times those soft tissue fillers could be placed in the nose very artistically to kind of fool the way your nose looks. What I'm getting at is that soft tissue fillers can be added to make a nasal hump seem smaller, or to fill in some kind of defects, raise the tip, or just about anything that you could want to do.

The problem with these soft tissue fillers is it's not a permanent solution. Generally the ones that we use last anywhere between one to two and a half years but some of those treatments can be quite interesting in terms of how good they look.

Like anything else, when people come in, I will go ahead and image them, in terms of what we are trying to accomplish. That is done under minimal anesthesia at all, usually we just numb up the area with a little bit of local anesthetic and then I will go ahead and inject that soft tissue filler. It can be done to make the dorsum look wider, make the tip look more even, it can raise the nasal tip to give a perkier tip, and that is great in older people that have droopy noses.

One thing to keep in mind is that it is not the same as having a surgical rhinoplasty, so I don't have the ability to artistically implement that kind of vision that you and I come up with, in terms of your dream nose. These changes generally are mild to moderate. The soft tissue filler can be used to fill in occasional defects from previous rhinoplasties but the best way to find out about a non-surgical rhinoplasty is to go in, get a consultation, find out what the best treatment plan is for you. Thank you.

Get the Nose You've Always Wanted Without Surgery

There are many patients who are bothered by problems with their nose, but are not ready for a surgical procedure. In these situations, Dr. Shapiro recommends a non-surgical approach using minimally-invasive fillers.