Dr. Michael D. Yates: So people maybe concerned about loose skin of the eyelids, maybe extra skin in the neck area, might talk about eyelid surgery or face and neck lift, or maybe even a full facial rejuvenation. Those would be the surgical type corrections, but very popular today are the non-surgical treatments, Botox and filler year in and year out, the most common cosmetic procedure surgery or non-surgical, and of course we have wonderful skin health treatments and laser treatments like pro-fractional.

So if we start talking with patients about making non-surgical improvements, we have some really great things to offer with Botox and filler. So what's Botox? Well, it's a poison. Right? It's botulinum toxin. So why would you put that in your face? Well, it's a very safe medicine that's been proven through the years with millions of treatments both for cosmetic reasons, but also for actual medical reasons. It's used to treat things like migraine headaches, excess sweating, wry neck which is torticollis or spasms in the neck muscles, but obviously most people are familiar with it for cosmetic improvement.

So it weakens muscles and so in doing so, you can diminish frown lines. Between the eyebrows, you can soften the smile lines at the corners of the eyes. You can actually smooth the lines across the forehead, but even more than that, it helps shape the face. You can get lift to the forehead area. You can treat the muscles that tend to pull the corners of our mouth down and get a more relaxed look around the mouth. So botox is a great way to help minimize lines but also shape the face.

But, what are fillers? There's a lot of different fillers. I love Juvederm, but most of them are used to add volume to the face. Juvederm is sort of a gel like substance. It's also called hyaluronic acid which is an extremely common substance in our body. It kind of gives shape and substance to our body.

So, you're adding it where you want to. Works great to plump out these [inaudible 00:01:43] creases and you can plump the lips out, you can help with the lines around the mouth, you can help with the frown lines between the eyebrows, even the hollows up under the eyes, and really help with lined wrinkles, but also again shape the face. And we combine Botox and filler, we get the liquid face lift which is a great way to rejuvenate the face with minimal down time and obviously more economically.

Now, here's a patient of mine who came to see me. I like showing here because she illustrates all these things. So if we look at this first set of photos on her, we're sort of concentrating around the eyes and if you compare them side by side, we've done Botox between her eyebrows and at the corners of her eyes, then you can see we've diminished the lines in those areas. But look carefully at the brow and the eyelids. You can see that the brow has actually been lifted and you can see that the amount of loose skin at that brow has since been diminished. And that's simply by lifting the brow with Botox. And it you look at those hollows under her eyes and things like that, they give us some sort of dark circle, tired look. If we can't do surgery then filler can help minimize those and you can see that we've been able to soften those a little bit. Not a complete correction, but definitely an improvement.

So, the next set of photographs sort of looks at what we call the perioral area around the mouth and we've been able to use filler to plump out the lips and help significantly with the lines of the upper lip, even the lines around the chin area, and I even put some in the jaw line area here to kind of reshape the jaw, so again rejuvenating that perioral area there around the mouth. Put them together, you've got what we call the liquid face lift and this gives people a nice rejuvenation, more youthful look, a rested look with virtually no down time and very minimal recovery.

So you can see that non-surgical treatments are extremely popular and obviously this is the reason. And again, I love being able to offer people all the options.

Liquid Facelift

Doctor Michael Yates discusses options for a non surgical facelift.