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The standard abdominoplasty that plastic surgeons do is they undermine the entire abdomen. And then they take off the extra skin below the umbilicus. That is unfortunately, devascularization of the flap above because they're perforating vessels that come out of the rectus abdominis muscles which actually supplies the blood supply. So if you do that, you can't do liposuction on the abdomen. So by doing liposuction of the abdomen and only making a small little tunnel over the separation of the muscles where the babies have spread the rectus muscles apart, you then repair this separation of the muscles called diastasis recti and you can maintain the blood vessels. And then you can do liposuction of the abdomen safely and you can actually get a much more athletic... Well, you know, they talk about six-packs and you could actually do that with that surgery.

Lipo Abdominoplasty Repairs Muscle While Removing Unwanted Fat

Dr. Carl Lentz explains how a lipo abdominoplasty not only removed unwanted fat but also allows the surgeon to repair the separated abdomen muscles, which have been pulled apart during pregnancy.