[Music playing] Yes, and almost always I do. It's probably 80 or 90 percent of the time, because a woman that's had two or three children and has the changes on her abdomen, it also is simultaneously changing their breasts. It turns out that nursing does not make any difference to the breasts, but pregnancy does. And so a woman that's had two or three children usually has some atrophy of their breasts and/or drooping, which is called ptosis. Some women will get bigger every time, so they now have larger, saggier breasts. So at the same time, you can do the breasts, either to lift them and just reshape them, lift them, reshape them and put implants in if they're smaller, or you can lift them and reduce them and make them so that whatever it is they're looking for, that you can do that at the same time. I also will do liposuction of the waist. My patients wake up sometimes so excited , they go, "Oh, my god, I've never had a waist like this before, or I haven't had that since I had my three children." It is so fun because I can restore these women bodies image and make them feel good about themselves.

Can I Get Liposuction and a Breast Augmentation Together?

Dr. Carl Lentz explains why liposuction and a breast augmentation combo procedure is not only possible but why he generally recommends these two procedures.