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  • Lip Augmentation With Injectable Fillers, Fat Transfer, or Implants?
To enhance the lips, there are a couple options that you have. The most popular way to enhance the lips are injectable fillers and these go by the name of Restylane, Juvederm, Prevelle. They typically are injected in the office. They're not that painful. Usually, you can use a topical or even some people will do a nerve block to block the lips. But they usually last anywhere from four months up to maybe six to eight months or so, so they're temporary.

The next group of procedures are basically fat injection. So instead of injecting your lips with a substance that we buy from a company, we can take your fat from your tummy or your thighs. We purify it and inject it into your lips. The good thing about fat injections is that it's your own tissue. You won't reject it or anything. The negative is only a small portion of the fat usually stays and usually start out pretty puffy.

And the last group of treatments are something that I myself don't do but are permanent lip implants. And there are lip implants that made of silicone. There was one that had actually saline in it and people used to actually insert implants made of cadaver skin even. So there a lot of those other types of implants. My concern with those treatments is, sometimes, they can make the lip look a little stiff. Obviously, the big fear is to get a trout pout. Nobody wants a trout pout. So if you don't want a trout pout, I recommend staying either with fat or with an injectable filler.

Lip Augmentation With Injectable Fillers, Fat Transfer, or Implants?

Dr. Anthony Youn covers several different options available to consumers looking for fuller lips, including injectable fillers, fat injections, and lip implants.