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Sunscreen is still the main way that we're going to prevent skin cancer for ourselves, and our families, and our children. There is a new study that's, that came out in Australia showing that people under the age of 45, their rate of skin cancer has gone down. We look at this in the United States, as an example that sunscreen has been working. For dermatologists, there is no controversy whether sunscreen is good for skin cancer or not. Sunscreen is definitely good to prevent skin cancer. This study proves what, what we believe. We also have seen that epidemiologically, for skin cancer, United States mimics Australia with about a ten year lag. So, we're hoping to see, within 10 years, that the people under 45 will have started to reduce the amount of skin cancer that they have.

With sunscreen, I think it's important that you choose an SPF greater than 30. And I think, the most important thing, there are some things that people don't realize; sunscreen should be reapplied every 2 hours when you're out in the sun. There's no sunscreen that is completely sweat proof, or water proof, or that type of thing, so things have to be reapplied. Sometimes, some people will use a sunscreen that they'll put on and then, they'll augment that with some of the spray sunscreens or sport sunscreens. It's easier for guys, and easier for kids, and easier, so if you have make-up on, so you wouldn't have to take your make-up off.

And then, there's some misconceptions with sunscreens; so, sometimes, I see people just putting a little bit of sunscreen, or I see guys on the golf course putting a little dot on their nose and a little dot on their two cheeks. I think, as a skin cancer surgeon, I think it's important to know that you’ll get sun all over; so, that all over the face, all over there, inside of the ear, behind the ear, all over the neck. These are all places that we get skin cancer later on, and I think it's important to remember all those areas and put sunscreen on all those areas.

I do think it's a misconception that you can't get a tan with sunscreen. I think that you tan safely with sunscreen. So, I'm a moderate as far as a dermatologist goes, I do, and I live in California. So, and, and I believe that we should enjoy where we live, and get outdoors. It's good for our heart. It's good for our lungs to be outdoors and exercise, but having, you will, you can also tan using sunscreen, and that's fine. As long as you're putting it on every 2 hours, you will have a safe tan; what I view as a safe tan.

How Does Sunscreen Help Prevent Skin Cancer?

Dr. Robert Beer shares ways to help you prevent skin cancer. Sunscreen is the number one way to help protect again skin cancer.