Dr. Robert Beer: SRT is a form of radiation, so we do shield the other areas, and so you can feel the heaviness of the shield that goes on. People might equate it to a laser, although it's not a laser but it looks very similar. And so you can feel the weight of the head of the machine on your cheek, for instance. But other than that, just a minimal pressure, there is no discomfort. It has advantages for people who have risks going under surgery; so people with diabetes, people who are anticoagulants, where surgical procedures can be risky. This takes away a lot of that risk because there's no risk of infection, there is no risk of surgical complications, dehiscence, there is no risk of hyperthropic scars or keloid scarring with this treatment. And so people with active lifestyles also, this is a great way of not having to stop their normal activities, and they are able to have the treatment done with very minimal downtime and very little discomfort.

What does Surface Radiation Therapy Feel Like?

Dr. Robert Beer describes what Surface Radiation Therapy feels like.