Dr. Robert Beer: Hyperthropic scars can be prevented these days. I think this is very important for plastic surgical procedures. We previously have not had any way of preventing hyperthropic scars, even with the best plastic surgical hands, there can be scars that still get a little bit thicker in certain areas. And so particularly people that are prone to that are people who are very worried about that. There's a very easy way of preventing that from happening. We use the SRT - the Superficial Radio Therapy - and it's one treatment done the day of surgery or the day after surgery. And we simply go along the scar with the treatment, in the same way that it works for a keloid, to stop those cells from over-producing the scar, it will work to dramatically lessen the chance that a hyperthropic scar would form. So this procedure would be perfect to prevent hyperthropic scar from a tummy tuck, breast reduction surgery, or any type of plastic surgical procedure.

How Can You Prevent Hyperthropic Scars?

Dr. Robert Beer describes how to prevent hyperthropic scars.