Dr. Robert Beer: Very exciting new treatment for keloids has come out this year, just FDA-approved within the last few months, and it is like no other treatment we've had before. The clinical studies show over a 90% cure rate for keloids. We've had a lot of treatments for keloids. There are some things that have been combinations. There hasn't been a lot of new things in keloids; there has been some topical medications, but nothing dramatic. Now we have something dramatic. And so with a higher than 90% cure rate for keloids, I think it's a whole new page for keloids.

How the treatment works is, first the keloid is removed surgically, and that can be done with a shave excision or an excision depending on the type of keloid that it is. And then immediately following the surgery, the patient undergoes two or three SRT treatments, usually done three days in a row. And then afterwards, it takes a little bit longer to heal with the SRT treatment, but what it does is it blocks those cells that are overproducing, that get stuck in a production mode of scar, and so it stops that or prevents that from happening.

What is the Best Keloid Treatment?

Dr. Robert Beer discusses the best keloid treatments.