Hi I'm Dr. Dan Shapiro. I'm a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. I've been practicing in the [inaudible 00:00:10] Paradise Area for over 22 years. And I'm actually the only surgeon in the area, in Arizona, that actually performs Cellulaze, and people come in and ask you know what is it about Cellulaze that is so different about other treatments for cellulite?

Cellulite's a very tricky problem because it's due to a lot of anatomical factors that are happening beneath the skin. Cellulite is really only in women. And it is caused by some out pouching of fat that are separated by connective tissues, fibers, and that in combination generally with some loose skin is what causes that dimpling that seems to bother people so much. There have been a variety of treatments in the past. There are topical creams that may cause some decreased blood flow in the area, may actually cause some swelling that seem to make the cellulite look better. There are some non-invasive treatments, something like VelaShape. But the difference about Cellulaze is that it’s the first really one treatment kind of option that should permanently make that cellulite look better. And the reason why it does that is it addresses the three major things that are going on with cellulite. It helps reduce the amount of fat that is causing the cellulite. It uses laser to cut those connections of the connective tissue septum that caused the dimpling and also the lasers used to tighten the skin. So those three things in combination will provide a more permanent result and a permanent treatment so that cellulite does not recur.

Other treatments tend to be continued to be done. They tend to be temporary and limited by in terms of the kind of results you can see. Some of the Cellulaze results are really phenomenal. And I found the patients to be really emotionally emancipated. They feel so much better both in and out of clothes. And Cellulaze really is a miraculous treatment in certain patients that have the right kind of skin condition.

The best way to tell if you are a good candidate for Cellulaze is to come in for a consultation. Thank you.

What the Heck Is Cellulaze Anyway?

Dr. Shapiro explains how Cellulaze fares against other supposed cellulite treatments.