Hi. I'm Dr. Dan Shapiro. I'm a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and I've been practicing plastic surgery here in the Scottsdale Paradise Valley area since 1992. I do a lot of breast surgery living in Arizona.

A very hot topic now that people come in and ask for them are the gummy bear implants. What is a gummy bear implant? Well, if you go to a candy store and you get a gummy bear, it is something that looks and keeps its shape and is slightly hard. When compared to older breast implants, maybe the silicone, the gummy bear implant is a silicone implant but is a highly cohesive gel, which means that's a silicone implant that if you were to cut it in half, it does not spill; it maintains its shape.

The gummy bear implants are very good for certain patients and not as good for others. Gummy bear implants are fantastic for people that may have not had a breast implant done before and want to have a very, very perky prominent-looking breast augmentation. Gummy bear implants come with a variety of sizes. I think they're most famously known for their teardrop-shape that, once again, is best in people that have a little bit of droopiness or have never had a primary breast augmentation.

Other kinds of gummy bear implants are a textured or smooth, round implant or one of high or moderate profile. Not everybody likes or is a candidate for gummy bear implant. For one, they tend to be a bit more expensive; two, is they feel a little bit harder. Some people want that soft, voluptuous kind of feel. Some other people want to make their breast look and feel like they'll maintain their shape.

The best way to understand if the gummy bear implant is for you is to go and get a consultation. Understand that it's not specifically for everybody but somebody who performs a lot of breast implants will know what the best thing for you is either through discussions, measurements, and going through before and afters. The best way to understand this is doing consultation and through really great communication. If there's any questions, just call. Thanks.

Why Are They Called "Gummy Bear" Implants?

Dr. Shapiro explains that (similar to a gummy bear) the gummy bear breast implant keeps its shape and provides a firmer feel. This implant is special because it's made with a thicker silicone gel than other silicone implants.