Dr. Michael D. Yates: Fraxel Laser is this really cool laser that helps improve skin, and again, not just the face, but the neck, the decolletage area, the arms, the hands. And it works interestingly because it can be treated with very minimal downtime. Fraxel stands for fractionated. It's a very interesting laser. It fires all these tiny holes into the skin. And so, the holes go pretty deep, so they do a lot of remodeling of the collagen. It's beautiful for pigments, for fine lines and wrinkles, for scars, like acne scars, gives a little tightening to the face. It helps with pores on the nasal area and elsewhere. And so, when these little holes are fired into the skin, they're small. There's healthy skin cells that remain around those holes, so things heal quickly. So, there's really only a day or two where the face is a little red and swollen.

People can generally put on their makeup, go back to work, do their normal activities. And so, the Fraxel, typically, is done four times, spaced out about a month apart. And by the time you've done it four times, you've basically resurfaced the entire, say, surface of the face, or the neck, or the chest. And all that's done with virtually no downtime. So, compare that to lasers as we used to do them, where you sort of peeled off the entire surface of the face, and left a big, raw area. That was very difficult to recover from. So, the Fraxel's a great advance because it gets really nice improvements with virtually no downtime. So, here's a young lady that came in to see me. She was struggling with pigment on her face, and she tried lots of different topical treatments, but nothing really cleared it up.

So, what a miraculous change with Fraxel - the four treatments, spaced out about a month apart. You can see that the pigment has been improved nicely. She also had some acne scarring that got much, much, much better.

Fraxel Laser Skin Treatment

Doctor Michael Yates discusses Fraxel Laser skin Treatment.