When you're considering breast reduction surgery, the number one thing to consider is that there are scars. The scars are permeant, the scars are long. Now surgeons do the breast reduction differently some of them will try to limit the scars, but either which way you're always going to have scars that are quite lengthly, and they will be there when you're 85, 90 years old those scars will still be there. So once you've gotten past the fact that to have a breast reduction you're going to have significant scars, you want to keep in mind that it's not a guarantee that let's say your back pain's gonna go away. Make sure that you talk with your doctor and if you've got disc problems, if you've got problems with your spine, making your breasts smaller may help that, but it's not gonna necessarily make it go away. And the final thing is that it's surgery and typically it's quite lengthy surgery, so you want to make sure that where you're having it does is an accredited facility and you want to make sure that your doctor is a board certified plastic surgeon and is well trained to preform that operation.

Considerations Before Breast Reduction Surgery

Dr. Anthony Youn talks about some of the main considerations consumers should have about breast reduction surgery, including the scars, the fact that it may not completely eradicate back pain, and the importance of a board certified surgeon.