Dr. Jaqueline Calkin: --think that as soon as you can start a retinal or a retinoid, you should. A lot of teenagers are on them for acne and even once their acne's cleared up I tell them, you know what, you have no idea about this yet, but continue on this product because studies showed decrease in skin cancers, decrease in wrinkling, decrease in brown spots, all of the things you don't like on your mom, you're not going to get if you stick with this product.

Sunscreen, studies show people who start sunscreen in their 60s get less skin cancer than people who never use a sunscreen. And so obviously I don't want people to wait until they're 60 to start, but if you start when you are that young, at any age you're always going to have better skin than if you had never started.

There's a lot of evidence now about the topical antioxidants and there's several to choose from, do a lot of good, and I don't think there's an age restriction on when you start that either. It's sort of like eating healthy. I tell my patients, you know we're told to eat blueberries, and acai berry, and pomegranate because it's good for our heart and good for our blood vessels. We know that these things are probably good for our skin too. We just want to put them on topically because you can't eat enough of those things to get it to your skin.

And so once they understand that, then they sort of have a place to start, and sunscreen's the number one, if you're only going to do one thing. Retinoids, I think is number two if you're only going to do two things. Topical antioxidants is number three. After that, there's a host of eye creams and growth factors, and different things that can tweak that regimen if you're inclined to go a little further.

3 Must Have Cosmeceutical Products for Healthy Skin

Dr. Jaqueline Calkin shares some must have cosmeceutical products for your skin regime that will help your skin and keep you looking your best at any age.