Dr. Hardesty: Liposuction is a technique that was designed for diet-resistant fat. It revolutionized how we contour unwanted body fat areas. In the old days, we used to have to make incisions, reset the fat, and have large scars. Now, through very small incisions, sometimes the size of pinholes, we're able to go ahead and remove that diet-resistant fat. In the old days, we used to throw that fat away. We thought it was worthless. But Dr. Bennett's going to explain to you now what option you have to use that fat.

Dr. Bennett: We're working in conjunction with the fat bank where we're able to take the cells that we remove, have them purified, and then stored for you, so that you can reuse them in other areas of the body. There's a lot of research involved with how we can best use those fat cells as well as the stem cells that are within your fat.

Dr. Hardesty: Yes, so there's options there. What one day was old news and discarded fat, now is a bank for vitality and potential youth. The eventualities, we don't even know. Millions of dollars of research is going into this.

Can I Store My Unwanted Fat For Later Use?

Dr. Robert Hardesty and Dr. Della Bennett discuss new research that shows fat cells may be storable for lengths of time.