Hi, I'm Dr. Dan Shapiro. I'm a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and I've been practicing in the Scottsdale and Paradise Valley area for over 22 years. I'm one of the few surgeons in the area and I think the only surgeon right now in Arizona that performs Cellulaze, which is laser treatment of cellulite. When people come to see me, it's not only cellulite often that they're asking me about. They often ask me about performing liposuction in areas of the body and also possibly doing some other kind of treatments performed under local anesthesia in the office. So people wonder, "Can Cellulaze be performed with other procedures?" And the answer is yes. It's not uncommon for me to perform Cellulaze and at the same time perform some local liposuction to decrease some of the volume. So really we're talking about two different treatments. One is Cellulaze, which treats the cellulite, which is actually the irregularity of the skin. And another is liposuction, which can be performed at the same time, which actually decreases the volume of fat and will improve someone's body contour.

Other things that I've done in the past have been combining Cellulaze along with fat transfer to the face or thighs, along with performing a blepharopasty. So there's a myriad of procedures that can be performed comfortably in the office under local anesthesia with some sedation at the same time with Cellulaze. Since the recovery of Cellulaze is not that impressive, when I say that, it doesn't involve a ton of down time. Usually, the rate limiting step is usually those procedures that are performed in combination with Cellulaze, such as having your eyes done or having some fat transfer. Those are the things that tend to make people a little bit more self-conscious in the first week before sutures are taken out and before swelling goes down. Cellulaze really has minimal things to make you self-conscious because you're wearing clothes over supportive garment. So there's very little down time in terms of you integrating again with people. So the best way to know whether Cellulaze is for you and whether it can be combined with other things you may be interested in, just come on and come in the office for a consultation. Thank you.

Can Cellulaze be Performed With Other Procedures?

Dr. Daniel Shapiro explains that many procedures can be accomplished comfortably at the same time as Cellulaze, due to its very short recovery time.