There's two ways to contour right now that work really well. There's Criolipolisis which uses cold and basically that is – we're treating a small area with that piece of equipment. And so Vanquish is going the other direction. Once you try to heat up the fat cell so that the volume contents will escape, the fat cell can actually also die because of the heat and exposure. But the nice thing about the Vanquish is it's not a series of treatments. You can treat from love handle to love handle and just lay there for 30 minutes, as oppose to for example, Criolipolisis where you're taking the piece of equipment, you had to put it on this area then move it to another area.

That's probably 4 or 5 different areas that covered by one Vanquish treatment. But really any patient is a candidate for Vanquish. We don’t want patients to try to use the Vanquish as [inaudible 00:01:04] and think that that's going to make all of their fat go away in their abdominal area. So we really take the time to talk to them about, "Hey, you need to really be working on your diet. And trying to probably workout, just make sure we're exercising it even if you're just walking round the neighborhood.

Body Conturing Options

Dr. Thomas Bender discusses body contouring options.