Dr. Thomas W. Bender: The dermatologist, what we do is we, you know, first thing about the medical reasons for hair loss, the signs just, for example male pattern baldness, and so we're going to do some laboratory studies, make sure the thyroid function is working properly. Make sure that the patient is not anemic because those two things can cause hair loss in patients. And then if all these things are normal and we're like: 'Okay, this is familial type situation'. We have Neograft hair transmutation and it's a beautiful procedure. Essentially we take out the hair, one hair at a time. One follicle at a time from the back of the scalp, there's no incision line at the back of the scalp like there was with traditional hair transmutation that I was taught to do 10 years ago. So the patient can actually heal very, very quickly.

Those areas where take the follicle heal in just a few days and then of course we put the follicles in in there just perfect. And the patients do real well about 96%, 97% take rate on the follicles so it's just a really beautiful procedure and patients love it. Patients certainly do opt to have it done for the eyebrows, of course we have another options as far as patients, we have thinning of the eyebrows, we have Latise for example that will let patients use. Most patients are pretty happy with using some like Latise in the eyebrows.

Using the NeoGraft Technique to Treat Hair Loss

Dr. Thomas Bender discusses using the NeoGraft technique which takes out one hair follicle at a time from the back of the scalp eliminating the need for incisions.