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  • What Are My Options for Adding Facial Volume?
Dr. Thomas W. Bender: I think that patients basically need to see what their comfort level is. If it's a patient who's never had fillers before for example, you might not want to do something that's going to last 2 years. You might want to kind of deep the big toe in the water, try something like for example, Juvederm, Pearlane that last around a year, plus or minus, they're very good products, two different companies obviously and they were really good for nasolabial folds. You can use it around the lips with no problem. If a patient then maybe have had fillers before, they really liked it, they want to last a little bit longer, something like Radiesse, for nasolabial folds last more like two years. So of course we also have some new fillers coming in the pipeline that we'll talk about soon.

What Are My Options for Adding Facial Volume?

Dr. Thomas Bender discusses treatment options for adding facial volume to patients who are not sure about surgery. He recommends temporary fillers that last up to a year.