Well skin tightening like if we're talking about the neck, for example, if we're talking about the jaws, we have the Exilis in our clinic and uses radio frequency, works very, very well. It's a series of treatments based about a week apart. Our patients, what we do is we charge them for 4 treatments and we give them a bonus treatment by the month after the 4th treatment, patients are extremely happy. Get really good tightening, no down time, little bit of warmth going the procedure and that's really all that they're going to feel. As far as for example, abdominal tightening and also reduction of fat, we have the Vanquish, also radio frequency, patient lays down on the table. We can treat from love handle to love handle and they get a really nice circumferential reduction in fat and some nice tightening as well. Again, really no discomfort, no downtime and that's also a series of 4 treatments.

What are the Best Treatments for Skin Tightening

Dr. Thomas Bender discusses the best treatments for skin tightening.