You shouldn't be just getting it done and then going back to your bad habits of smoking, fluctuating weight losses, not taking care of yourself. Aging is like being on a conveyor belt. People, depending on their genetics and their habits, they start moving along on a conveyor belt and then non-surgical treatments can move them back a little bit. Surgery can maybe move them back farther, but then the conveyor belt starts moving again. So that is why, as a doctor, you look at the whole person, and you want to not just do surgery and then hope that they're happy and go away. You actually want to maintain the results and maintain their treatments with ongoing skin care programs, good daily routines of skincare morning and night, dietary, weight loss, exercise, those types of things.

Skin is an elastic tissue, and similar to when you get pregnant, it stretches and then goes back again. Same thing if you gain or lose weight. Skin is like an elastic band, it can only stretch and contract so many times before it stretches and doesn't contract and then you need either lasers or surgery to tighten the skin. Blood sugar levels that go up and down with obesity and overeating affect you metabolically as well.

Aging Is Like a Converyor Belt, so What Can Be Done to Set It Back?

Dr. Gregory Antoniak has an interesting way to view aging as well as some suggestions on how to keep those wrinkles and sagging skin at bay for longer.