Luckily, Botox does wear off after about three months, and Botox does have a bad reputation sometimes because there are many clinics that do Botox. Any nurse or doctor, any medical professional can inject a little bit of Botox. It doesn't cost much to buy and the results are good, but too much Botox gives you what's called Botox face. It looks very good in a still picture but you can't animate. It looks artificial. We've all seen this in movie stars and TV announcers, and really you want to avoid that type of look. The thing about Botox, although it only lasts three or four months, done properly, it's a good preventative treatment as well as a treatment for strong muscles like in the glabella area. Some people, if they have too much computer use or they have hereditary frowning, or smiling wrinkles, then if you use some Botox just in those specific muscles, it will relax the muscles, like not going to the gym for three months, and the muscle goes down to normal size and it will prevent that are from developing a wrinkle. So it's very good as a prevention as well as a treatment.

It's not a painful thing. It's used in an allergy sized needle and although we do use topical anesthetic cream for other injections, usually for Botox it's not required. It's a very, very non-painful type of thing.

Help! I've Had Too Much Botox!

Too much Botox could be a nightmare but rest assured that the effects will only last for a few months before the drug wears off, says Dr. Gregory Antoniak.