It depends a lot on your genetics. It depends on your lifestyle. It depends on how you take care of yourself. From the beginning, proper diet, exercise, not smoking, sun prevention are all things to prevent aging to begin with. Then you could also start getting into some treatments such as skin care products that have natural ingredients that work. I'm a surgeon and I'm not a medical doctor like a endocrinologist or a dermatologist but up until about 5 years ago, most plastic surgeons didn't recommend creams because they were just moisturizers, so we said you might just as well go buy some Dove rather than spend all those money on big expensive fancy jars. But, now we do have vitamin C. We have Retin A. We have bleaching agents. We have sunscreens with Titanium oxide and zinc oxide that actually prevent sun damage. So, all these things are preventative.

Basically, you should be eating a well-balanced diet. Fruits and vegetables and not too many refined starches and sugars. There are some products now, some nutritional products that are thought to help you out and they're controversial. We do sell them in our clinic. One of them is GliSODin. Hormonal treatments are now becoming popular. Anti-aging medicine can be complimentary to the type of stuff that I do including hormone analysis and that's just becoming a new area that's just been developed now.

It's the matter whether it does work or not, I mean you talk about the anti-oxidants and things but, I found in my practice that some of these herbal medicines do work for instance and we do use Arnica montana to prevent swelling from surgery. It works quite well. So, there's something to be said from complimentary medicine I think traditional medicine can learn from.

Prevent Aging With Lifestyle Changes First, Then Injectables and Surgery

Dr. Antoniak is a big believer in a healthy lifestyle that might help to put off the need for surgery, but of course there are always those genetic traits that might warrant a change from day 1,