That's why it's important to come for a consultation with someone who can give you an evaluation. There's a lot of nonsurgical clinics and spas out there. There's a lot of plastic surgery places that specialize in surgery. Up until about five or ten years ago surgery was really the mainstay for facial rejuvenation. People came in for eyelid surgery, face lifts, and you explained the procedure, the incisions, the risks, the down time. Some had it some did not. Nowadays with Botox, fillers, lasers, skincare, it's very difficult for a patient to understand where to start, where to begin, who to trust and what to do so having an understanding and, again, an evaluation, is important.

Nobody really wants to look like they've had plastic surgery or too much Botox or to look artificial because that is a vain thing that people really don't want. People do want to look better, they do want to look good for their age. They want to have maybe some Botox but not too much Botox, like a Botox face. They want to have maybe surgery that looks natural, not looks like you've had surgery and not too much surgery. So too much of any one thing is not good but some and in the right spots at the right times, by the right person, is natural and looks good.

How Do I Choose Between a Surgical and Non-Surgical Procedure?

Dr. Gregory Antoniak explains why it is so important for a patient to come in for a consultation, especially when they are having a difficult time deciding between a surgical or non-surgical procedure.