Most people think of face lift lifts the whole face, but a face lift really just lifts the jaw line and the neck and then there's a brow lift that lifts the top of the head, the eyebrows and the forehead. The middle of the face really has never been addressed surgically because there have been difficult procedures that really didn't work and a lot of our earliest aging is in the middle of our face. Our cheeks drop, we get these lines here, our low eyelids open up. So I actually invented a procedure that was published two years in the leading plastic surgery journal for my own mid face lift combined with a lower eyelid operation.

People have been trying to find an operation that wasn't high risk. The previous operations had as high as 33% complication rate and I came up on little by little put together a procedure that's straightforward and at least in my head has a very dramatic result.

Aging in the Mid-Face Finally Gets a Surgical Option

Dr. Jeffrey Schiller explains why the mid-facelift has been one of the most difficult lifts to perfect and what procedure is now making the rounds as the best for the mid-face.