Blepharoplasty is an operation that removes the extra skin from the upper eyelids and helps with the bags and the wrinkling in the lower eyelids and CO2 laser... Laser is used for lots of things in aesthetic surgery, for resurfacing the skin, for changing the skin but CO2 laser can be used like in a James Bond movie to cut, so we use the CO2 laser to cut and the nice thing about it is there's very little bleeding or bruising, much less than with traditional surgery and less scarring.

It really sort of vaporizes the tissue. It looks like magic but it's wonderful and so since 1992 I've been doing that, so that's 22 years of laser eyelid surgery, and the recovery is definitely faster. There's less bruising, less bleeding and early recovery. It lets you do things that you can't do with other kinds of surgery because there's less bleeding, so it's more easy to control the operation.

I'm an ophthalmologist originally by training so we do lots of work on the eye and around the eye, the eye muscles, inside the eye, I used to do that, so we're pretty good at protecting the eye. We know where everything is. We use a stainless steel contact lens actually during the operation, just to make sure that the eyes are protected. So safety of the eye is essentially not an issue. We're very good at protecting the eye.

Eyelid Surgery Doesn't Have to Be Traumatic: CO2 Laser Offers Less Bruising and Faster Recovery

Eye surgery tends to make most people feel nervousw, especially when the doctor says he or she will be using a laser. Dr. Jeffrey Schiller puts our minds at ease about this "magical" procedure.