The newest fillers really address what's behind all the wrinkles in our face. Up until now we've been using fillers that just fill in a line here and there. And people often come in and say, "What about this line? But that line is there because our whole face deflates. As we get older, we lose fat, we lose muscle, and we even lose bone. So we deflate like a balloon, and as they deflate a balloon it becomes wrinkled.

So these new fillers go deep in the face, and they re-inflate so it's very natural and organic way to make the face look younger. And some people call it a liquid facelift. And so by doing that we can lift the face just as you expand a balloon and the wrinkles go away. We re-expand the face the way when it was young, and it helps the wrinkles and it helps the overall picture of the face.

When we look at someone's face you don't really see a wrinkle, we see the whole shape of the face. And these kind of fillers allow us to reframe the whole face so it just has a very subtle, younger look that it's hard to place why it happened.

Deep into all the skin and muscles so that it's underneath where we've lost bone and so instead of just popping up a wrinkle, it diffusely inflates the whole area of the face that's sunken.

Forget the Old Technology: The Latest Facial Fillers Treat the Real Cause of Wrinkles

Dr. Jeffrey Schiller confirms that most fillers used to treat the area under the skin, but the new fillers actually adhere to the muscle to give a more natural look.