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Is Hyperpigmentation After Vi Peel Permanent?

I had Vi Peel on April 2, and my face became two shades darker. Is this permanent? I'm a light-skinned African-American and I'm really scared. READ MORE

Brown and light patches after vi peel?

I am a meduim brown skinned african America. I have good even skin tone to begin with. I just wanted that dewy look that you are supposed to get from... READ MORE

Vi peel for pores and acne scarring? Would this procedure help with what I'm looking to improve?

I was considering getting a vi peel to reduce the appearance of my pores on my face and to remove acne scarring. Would this procedure help with what... READ MORE

How do I find a dermatologist who has experience of effectively treating ethnic skin?

I'm African-American and I want to have a gentle Peel such as the Vi Peel in San Diego or Los Angeles. How can I find the best doctor for me? READ MORE

Why exactly does the VI Peel NOT cause hyperpigmentation in african-american skin?

My skin color is (for comparison sake) the color of coffee with milk and one cut or inflammation from acne or whatever and I am left with a dark spot... READ MORE

Day 6 of VI Peel and cheeks won't peel

I am african american and I had my first VI Peel on 12/20/2013. My chin and forehead have peeled already, but my cheeks still have thick black skin.... READ MORE

ViPeel Left Me with Enlarge Pores! Will They Return to Normal Size?

I'm an African America male model and this summer I received 2 ViPeels to even out my skin tone to use less makeup on shoots. After the peel not only... READ MORE

Please tell me how to fix the discoloration, brown spots, on my face after a Vi Peel which was done two weeks ago? Is it permane

I am an african american female and had a vi-peel done two weeks ago. I have more dark spots now than before. My chin and the laugh line around my... READ MORE

I am an over 40 African-American female who is in need of a VI Peel (Photo)

VI Peel- I am a over 40 African-American female who had a VI Peel by an esthetician that really didn't show any improvements. She worked in a... READ MORE

Is it safe for me to get a facial Vi Peel for my acne and dark spots even though I have eczema?

I am 21 years old and mixed African-American and white. I still have light acne and some dark scar spots in my face which i was thinking getting... READ MORE

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