Vaser Liposuction Videos

Male Breast Reduction with Ultrasonic Liposuction (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Tehrani performing ultrasonic liposuction on a male with gynecomastia (enlarged male breast). He uses a special liposuction tool to suck away fat and remove some breast tissue. Dr. Tehrani also removes a benign cyst from the patient's areola. VIEW NOW

Hiding the Tummy Tuck Scar in the Belly Button (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Kevin Tehrani disassociates the belly button from the upper skin layer. Once the patient's lower abdomen is sutured closed Dr. Tehrani reattaches the belly button to the upper skin layer with an inconspicuous hidden scar. VIEW NOW

Brazilian Butt Lift Results One Year After Surgery

Brazilian Butt Lift combines the benefits of liposculpting and fat transfer. The results can be seen in this patient one year from surgery. The fat survives and the hourglass figure lasts for years! VIEW NOW

Breaking Up Scar Tissue Before Liposuction (GRAPHIC)

Vaser uses ultrasound energy to break up dense scar tissue. This patient had a previous liposuction surgery and using Vaser before this liposuction helps break down the tissue to make the liposuction easier and more effective. VIEW NOW

Breast Fat Transfer Before and After Results

21 year old female wishes for a natural breast augmentation without implants. Fat was sculpted from her tummy, love handles, flanks, and arms. 250 cc of fat was placed into each breast for a total of 500 cc. She is shown before and 3 months after. VIEW NOW

Precision Body Sculpting and Fat Transfer (GRAPHIC)

Awake liposculpting of the arms, waist, love handles, outer thighs followed by fat transfer to outer buttock depressions. Slimmer and smoother curves. VIEW NOW

Laser Liposuction for Face (GRAPHIC)

A young women for face contouring, undergoing VASER liposuction for face. Vaser is the safest way to perform liposuction with the best result VIEW NOW

Precision Sculpt and Fat Transfer to the Buttocks (GRAPHIC)

40 year old female undergoes comfortable awake Precision Sculpt liposculpting of the upper and lower abdomen, flanks, love handles, back, front bra rolls, and fat transfer to the buttocks. No need for general anesthesia. VIEW NOW


Smart Liposuction Surgery for Reduced Recovery (GRAPHIC)

Smart Liposuction of the flanks. An in office treatment with no downtime and less swelling and bruising than traditional liposuction. VIEW NOW

Chest Augmentation With Fat Grafting (GRAPHIC)

The chest in both men and women can be augmented using fat grafting. By liposuctioning one area of the body, you can use the fat to graft into another area to add volume and shape. This patient grafting his abdomen fat into his chest. VIEW NOW

Liposuction and BodyTite to Define Arms (GRAPHIC)

Liposuction was used to debulk the arm of extra fat and tissue. BodyTite was then used to tighten the skin and shrink wrap it to the arm. This combination is an effective way to complete reshape and define the arms. VIEW NOW

Which Fat Removal Treatment is Right for You?

Dr. Weiler describes the two most frequently used procedures - Liposuction and non-invasive SculpSure procedure to reduce unwanted fat throughout the body. Liposuction procedure involves minimal downtime, where SculpSure involves no downtime. VIEW NOW

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Precision Laser Liposculpting Chin and Neck Results

42-year-old female shown before and 3 months after chin and entire neck laser Liposculpting. Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Justin Yovino performed this procedure awake and in the office with minimal down time. VIEW NOW

Arm and Bra Roll Liposculpting (GRAPHIC)

Awake comfortably sedated upper body precision liposculpting of the arms and front and back bra rolls with fat transfer to the buttocks. VIEW NOW


Precision Liposculpting for Hourglass Figure Results

Dr. Justin Yovino performs a precision liposculpting on a woman while she's awake. He emphasizes on her waist, thighs, and knees to help contour and define her figure into an hourglass shape. VIEW NOW