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How Long Does It Take to Show the Final Vaser Lipo Results For Mid Section & Back?

I had vase done for the mid section and back 9weeks ago,how long do I need to wait to see the final results? READ MORE

Why is There So Much Swelling After Vaser Lipo? Why Does It Take So Long to See the Final Results?

I am seven days post vaser after having my inner/outer thighs, flanks and knees done. I had 1000cc removed and I have a huge amount of swelling with... READ MORE

3 weeks post op Vaser Lipo, I have lumps and swelling. Is this normal?

Greetings! I had Vaser lipo performed on my upper, middle and lower abs and my flanks exactly 3 weeks ago. My PS said she was able to remove 1 liter... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for the Banana Rolls to Disapear After Vaser Lipo?

I did a vaser liposaction on my outer thighs 3 months ago.I didn't remove much fat.I actually dropped a size and now I am size 8.The shape is... READ MORE

Why is It That It Takes 3 to 6 Months Following Vaser for Final Results?

What happens in the body during this time, and why are the results continuously improving rather than instantaneous? READ MORE

I Had Vaser Lipo Should I Be Getting This Kind of Result This Quickly?

I had Vaser lipo on my thighs 8 days ago, he took out a total of 2.5 liters. Both my legs are two inches smaller around since right after surgery, is... READ MORE

I had vaser done on my inner thighs and upper arms 11 days ago. When will I see my final result?

I had 780 total ccs removed from my inner thighs/arms which was less then I expected and as of now I can see very minimal improvement. The bruising is... READ MORE

5.5 week post op Vaser lipo under chin, disappointed with results, side profile looks worse than before. lumps? Swelling?(photo)

I had vaser lipo under my chin almost 6 weeks ago now, I've been trying not to look in the mirror & take too many pictures but I am so disappointed... READ MORE

Vaser hi def. Is this line normal? The abs are not clear (Photo)

I have this line on my left side which i feel strech more than right side and i feel like i have the same amount of fat befor maybe because of... READ MORE

When will I see final results Vaser Lipo? (photos)

I had Vader lipo 7 weeks ago I'm wondering if my results are final . I want to tone the area via excercise but wondering if this is the end result or... READ MORE

Swelling 6 weeks post vaser. Any suggestions ? (photos)

I am 6 weeks post vaser. My healing was going very well and the results were fantastic. I am still wearing the garment but my 4d compression belt... READ MORE

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