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I had Vaser treatment for my gynecomastia 4 months ago and it didn't get rid of the fatty tissue. What do I do?

I had surgery performed by a member of the ASPS in Chicago.I was told Vaser melts fatty dense tissue and he would keep an option open for areola... READ MORE

I Am Very Disappointed, Upset, and Furious at the Doctor That Performed Inner Thigh Vaser Lipo, Help? (photo)

Doctor did vaser lipo back on Aug 21 2012, it is now Dec and the results are not good. Doctor offers free touch ups but you have to to pay facilties... READ MORE

Hard/swollen Abdomen 4 Months Post-op,seems Bigger and Fat Harder to Shift Than Before. Afraid Another Surgery Will Do Damage?

Moreover,the fat on my abdomen now seems unnaturally hard/scarred.During the tricky procedure,the surgeon had problems working the cannula around my... READ MORE

Is there hope for arms to equalize after 4.5 months?

I had full body 4d vaser four and a half months ago. i am not happy at all with my results but my arms are my major worry now. i have one fleshy... READ MORE

Radio frequency skin tightening after liposuction of arms effective and when to start? (photo)

I am 3.5 post op for Vaser liposuction of the arms. I am pretty happy with my results this far (attached picture is before and after) but wonder if... READ MORE

Vaser for arms. Can I have Vaser done on my biceps area?

I used to have a lot of fat on my arms. I had vaser in London, UK, 4 months ago. The doctor said she could only remove fat from my triceps, saying... READ MORE

4 months post op Vaser Liposuction, will wearing a compression garmet do anything now? (photos)

(See before photos on my profile) -removed 500 cc's - wore compression garmet for the first couple of weeks then PS said I was all set - i massaged... READ MORE

I had vaser lipo on 4 areas in January and they took under 2L out. Why can't I see any difference?

My clothes feel no difference and I can still literally grab a handful of fat in the areas done READ MORE

4 months post op for Vaser Lipo. I feel like I need a touch up! What do you think? I also have discoloration. Normal? (Photo)

Concerned about the fat around my bellybutton. I feel like I need a TouchUp. What's your opinion? READ MORE

Why is my skin lumpy after liposuction?

I had vaser liposuction done 4months ago on my flanks, lower abdomen and back area. The results are ok..in that my love handles are gone.My main... READ MORE

Red marks after Vaser 4D. (photos)

Hi, I had vazer 4 D 3 1/2 months ago. It is difficult to see in the photos but in the abdominal area there are red marks that looks like Broken... READ MORE

4 months post op- swollen still? (Photo)

It's been just over four months since I had Vaser Lipo on my upper and lower abdomen. The first picture was taken last night, the others this morning.... READ MORE

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