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Vanquish is an FDA-approved body contouring procedure, which uses radiofrequency energy to heat and kill fat cells in a non-invasive way. The treatment is not intended for massive weight loss, but for the reduction of the abdomen from flank to flank. The procedure is virtually painless and requires zero downtime. Results are typically achieved in four to six 45-minute treatments. 

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38 Wanting a Little Smaller Waist

I could not shrink my love handles no hard I worked out, so I wanted to slightly change my waist shape. I have 5 treatments and it worked beautifully. It's not a drastic difference, but I knew it wouldn't be for me (however a girl there shared hers and they were very drastic!). I am happy to... READ MORE

30 Years Old and 5 Sessions of Vanquish - Downey, CA

I was going on vacation during the summer and didn't start working out in time LOL. I was headed to a beach destination and I had seen the Vanquish poster in Dr. Patel's office during one of my laser sessions and decided to give it a try. You go to each session once a week. The sessions were... READ MORE

34 Years Old, I Have a Little Problem with Beer Belly

I do happy with my first treatment with vanquish ME. I can see my beerbelly going down, looks like I have a line in my stomach like I have done a lot exercise. Well I'm a lazy person to do some exercise, so vanquish is the right choice for me. Is just need 45 minute you can feel you fat getting... READ MORE

Vanquish on 56 Year Old Male with Gynocamastia - Newport Beach, CA

This was my first treatment and let me tell you it is very painful in the Chest Area. Doctor's claim Virtually Pain-free Vanquish Treatments is complete BS. I realize that different areas of the body have different amounts of pain receptors, but the Chest is full of them, and it hurts like hell... READ MORE

wow i love btl vanquish me - Minneapolis, MN

This is my before and after with 4 treatments of BTL VANQUISH ME. Picture taken 2 weeks after last treatment. Treatment was easy and price was in my budget. I can not believe how much better I feel. I'm not good at staying hydrated but I understand the importance to make this treatment work... READ MORE

Fat Lump Remaining After 3 Months, No Additional Fat Loss

I purchased a 6 treatment Vanquish package. The first treatment was nerve wracking and experienced uncomfortable heat the most in the first 15 minutes. The technician brought in a fan and that helped. The second session was better and drinking a lot of water before and after helped and though I... READ MORE

Vanquish for Lower Leg/Cankles - Aliso Viejo, CA

I have always had the straight up and down look from calves to ankles. In other words, cankles! Uggg I have always worked out, and the rest of my body is fairly lean. I had 5 or 6 treatments with the Vanquish machine. It was weird, but I thought I saw results within a few days, but it was... READ MORE

39 Yr Old Vanquish on Stomach - Austin, TX

Dr. Lain and his staff were very pleasant from the time I entered the office till I left. All of my questions were answered and my concerns put at ease. The esthetician whom did my procedure was great, made sure I was comfortable throughout the procedures. She made me relaxed and I couldn't... READ MORE

Vanquish Results - Manchester, NH

After a 58lb weight loss I made my decision to get the Vanquish treatment to try to get rid of the belly that I couldn't get rid of. I did six weeks of treatment. Here are my before and after pics, 6 weeks after final treatment. I am happy with the results, as I did appear to lose an inch or two... READ MORE

39 YO, 1 Kid. 5ft 5 In, 130 Lbs, Fit and Active. Atlanta, GA

Decided to get vanquish for the stubborn lower belly fat. I'm pretty fit and its just that annoying trouble area. I've had 4 treatments, one week apart, 1 hour each. There is pretty intense heat during the process but not unbearable. Afterward, I have one lump near my navel that I massage... READ MORE

Results from the RF Studies Are Not Typical - Guelph, ON

I have always had a large waist circumference, but it hit an all time high in my mid-forties. I started keeping track of my waist size in my 30's which was 34 inches. I was at 36.5 inches (depending on the day and time of day) going into my 48th year. I have always been active (dance x2 per... READ MORE

Vanquish ME Nashua NH

My experience with the Vanquish ME (Maximized Energy) was great. I did 2 treatment per week spaced 3 days apart and completed a total of 6 treatment on my stomach/love handles. I experienced some minor discomfort from the heat during the sessions but they would adjust it accordingly and had a... READ MORE

Vanquish Did Help! - Vancouver, WA

Finally I got a chance to try Vanquish to eliminate some fat layers around my thighs. Genetically I have excess fat cells from my waist down. These areas are difficult or impossible to eliminate or reduce by just diet and exercise. I was ready to try Vanquish to eliminate some of the fat... READ MORE

5'5 - 141 Lbs - 54 YO - VANQUISH San DIego

After having 3 surgeries on my stomach leaving large scars I decided I would try anything to help with my tummy fat. I recently lost 14 lbs and don't want to lose anymore weight as I am pretty thin everywhere else. I have to be honest that I find it hard to believe that anything could just melt... READ MORE

40 Year Old Dad Bod Needed Upgrades! - McLean, VA

Bought a six pack of vanquish in lost 5 inches around my lower abdomen/ waistline. It's amazing how easy it is, they"ll even turned out the lights at your request so you relax during the procedure. Amazing results, Im hoping Dr. Hayre will recommend another round of six treatments. Dr Hayre and... READ MORE

Agoura Hills, CA

5'9" 150 lbs. If I lose weight it seems to come off everything but my stomach. So I had treatment 1 of 4 today. The Dr and assistants were very thorough in answering questions. The idea is that Vanquish should take an inch off my stomach. After that,if love handles look prominent they are best... READ MORE

50 Years Old with Menopause Weight - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Menopause and life events were packing on the pounds, but I didn't have time for recovery from surgery, so I wanted to try an alternative. after doing a lot of research, I found Vanquish! It's amazing...I actually felt the fat bursting during the treatment. I've had some hard "balls" m but the... READ MORE

I Have a Waist Again! - New York, NY

As I've gotten older, I got thick around the middle. It made me sad. Even when I lost weight, I still had this fat on my tummy and lower back that sort of filled in my waist. I hated not being able to wear the clothes I like, to always have to choose clothing that would hide this area. I came... READ MORE

Fairly Fit but Not Slim, Regular Gym Goer... Just Want to Lose the Gut - UK

I have put on weight since giving up smoking and having surgery, which meant I was not allowed to train for a while. For the most part I am happy (ish) with my body... apart from my gut, which even at my leanest has never been totally flat. I had a voucher for Cyro but have had it before with... READ MORE

"Visible Results" with Vanquish!!! Pauleys Island, SC

After researching Vanquish I decided to start my treatments one month ago at Visible Results in Pauleys Island, SC. As mentioned in other reviews there was no pain and no downtime whatsoever! After my first three treatments I have already lost 1.5 inches around my belly. I am extremely... READ MORE

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