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Vanquish is an FDA-cleared body contouring procedure, which uses radiofrequency energy to heat and kill fat cells in a non-invasive way. The treatment is not intended for massive weight loss, but for reduction of the abdomen and thighs. The procedure is virtually painless and requires zero downtime. Results are typically achieved in four to six treatments. 

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Stubborn Belly & Love Handles! - Dallas, TX

After doing considerable research about different technologies out there for fat loss (Vanquish ME, Sculpsure, Coolsculpting etc.) I decided to go with Vanquish ME. The primary factor was my ability to get a discounted price on a proven technology. I got 6 treatments spaced out approximately 7... READ MORE

30 Year Old Man with Beer Belly Needed Help! - Singapore, SG

AFter losing the battle between beer and belly, i needed something to help me reduce the size of my waist. I've tried it all, diets, exercise etc. But i needed something to give me that confidence boost and that jump-start. After researching available procedures, i was quite intimidated at the... READ MORE

Thighs. Vista, CA

Had my first Vanquish today. The (R) thigh was not uncomfortable just a little hot, however the fan kept it cool. The Left thigh was the problem, It was three times as painful, the fans weren't helping and I could hardly stand it. 10 hours after having my first procedure the left thigh is still... READ MORE

28 Years, Worked for Me - Prague, CZ

I wanted to loose some cm in my waist. Vanquish worked really well for me. In 4 sessions weekly I lost 8cm around my belly but surprisingly only 1 kg . The treatment was very comfortable, I felt just pleasant heat. The staff was really nice and answered all my questions. Even my stretchmarks... READ MORE

Young Lady, Want to Look Slimmer for Big Day

Tried Vanquish treatment on abdomen 6 times, the result is fantastic and reduced by 13 cm after 6 weeks! Need to drink more and more water during the whole therapy to keep your body properly hydrated. The treatment is painless and no downtime. Can resume to your daily work right after the... READ MORE

A 2 Kids Mum Want to Have Her Body Shape Back......

Abdomen size failed to go back to before after giving birth of a twins 5 years ago. My friends introduced me the Vanquish treatment and I gave a try. The treatment is comfortable and the result is satisfying. Obviously, I need more treatments and probably change by lifestyle a bit to get more... READ MORE

A Young Lady Want to Have a Slimmer Body from HK! - Pleasanton, CA

Tried Vanquish treatment on abdomen 4 times, the result is fantastic and reduced by 10 cm after 2 weeks! Need to drink more water days before the treatment. The treatment is painless and anaesthesia is not required. During the treatment, I feel immense heat on my abdomen. Even though, sometimes... READ MORE

Male, 45 Yo, Have Done my First Vanquish Treatment

Pleasantly surprised with the process compared with others I've tried. No contact system, after a short while you can feel warmth in the treatment area, no dis-comfort. Session was 45 mins and the results are really great, highly recommended. 3 more sessions to go. Only the constant beep sound... READ MORE

In my 50s and Looking Great, but Not Happy with my Stomach - Redmond, WA

I'm fit & exercise regularly. I've done 1/2 marathons/triathlons & do Pilates AND I eat really healthy. But still I didn’t have the stomach I wanted. Procedure is painless. In fact I took naps through each. After 3 treatments, I have the tummy I deserve. Now my pants feel amazing & I... READ MORE

Vanquish Fat Reduction Treatments - Redmond, WA

I am lazy to take extra time for exercise on my abdomen. The fat is hard to reduce there. Bought 3 sessions on Groupon deal. The treatment is painless. So far there is no side effect for me. Like another people said, it's not dramatic change in 3 weeks, but nicer shape. It works! Thinking about... READ MORE

38 Wanting a Little Smaller Waist

I could not shrink my love handles no hard I worked out, so I wanted to slightly change my waist shape. I have 5 treatments and it worked beautifully. It's not a drastic difference, but I knew it wouldn't be for me (however a girl there shared hers and they were very drastic!). I am happy to... READ MORE

30 Years Old and 5 Sessions of Vanquish - Downey, CA

I was going on vacation during the summer and didn't start working out in time LOL. I was headed to a beach destination and I had seen the Vanquish poster in Dr. Patel's office during one of my laser sessions and decided to give it a try. You go to each session once a week. The sessions were... READ MORE

34 Years Old, I Have a Little Problem with Beer Belly

I do happy with my first treatment with vanquish ME. I can see my beerbelly going down, looks like I have a line in my stomach like I have done a lot exercise. Well I'm a lazy person to do some exercise, so vanquish is the right choice for me. Is just need 45 minute you can feel you fat getting... READ MORE

Vanquish on 56 Year Old Male with Gynocamastia - Newport Beach, CA

This was my first treatment and let me tell you it is very painful in the Chest Area. Doctor's claim Virtually Pain-free Vanquish Treatments is complete BS. I realize that different areas of the body have different amounts of pain receptors, but the Chest is full of them, and it hurts like hell... READ MORE

wow i love btl vanquish me - Minneapolis, MN

This is my before and after with 4 treatments of BTL VANQUISH ME. Picture taken 2 weeks after last treatment. Treatment was easy and price was in my budget. I can not believe how much better I feel. I'm not good at staying hydrated but I understand the importance to make this treatment work... READ MORE

Fat Lump Remaining After 3 Months, No Additional Fat Loss

I purchased a 6 treatment Vanquish package. The first treatment was nerve wracking and experienced uncomfortable heat the most in the first 15 minutes. The technician brought in a fan and that helped. The second session was better and drinking a lot of water before and after helped and though I... READ MORE

Vanquish for Lower Leg/Cankles - Aliso Viejo, CA

I have always had the straight up and down look from calves to ankles. In other words, cankles! Uggg I have always worked out, and the rest of my body is fairly lean. I had 5 or 6 treatments with the Vanquish machine. It was weird, but I thought I saw results within a few days, but it was... READ MORE

39 Yr Old Vanquish on Stomach - Austin, TX

Dr. Lain and his staff were very pleasant from the time I entered the office till I left. All of my questions were answered and my concerns put at ease. The esthetician whom did my procedure was great, made sure I was comfortable throughout the procedures. She made me relaxed and I couldn't... READ MORE

Vanquish Results - Manchester, NH

After a 58lb weight loss I made my decision to get the Vanquish treatment to try to get rid of the belly that I couldn't get rid of. I did six weeks of treatment. Here are my before and after pics, 6 weeks after final treatment. I am happy with the results, as I did appear to lose an inch or two... READ MORE

39 YO, 1 Kid. 5ft 5 In, 130 Lbs, Fit and Active. Atlanta, GA

Decided to get vanquish for the stubborn lower belly fat. I'm pretty fit and its just that annoying trouble area. I've had 4 treatments, one week apart, 1 hour each. There is pretty intense heat during the process but not unbearable. Afterward, I have one lump near my navel that I massage... READ MORE

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