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Can V Beam Make Facial Redness and Bumps Worse or Cause Permanent Damage to the Face?

What are negatives or downsides of Vbeam laser procedure. What is success rate & how long do results last? Thks. READ MORE

How Long Should I Wait to Drink Alcohol After a Vbeam Laser Treatment?

I had my first Vbeam treatment today. I have checked the internet and get different answeres to my question. Some say it's Ok to drink a day or 2... READ MORE

How Long Should You Wait Before Weightlifting After Vbeam Treatment?

How long should you wait before weightlifting after getting a vbeam treatment for redness on the neck and chest? READ MORE

IPL Vs V Beam for Rosacea

I am 35 year old male & have slight rosacea on my nose , upper cheeks along & some occular rosacea. I've been on antibiotics for 4 months... READ MORE

Will Working out After Vbeam Surgery Cause Diffused Redness to Come Back?

I'm getting vbeam laser done in a few weeks for my diffused red cheeks. I asked my doctor if I flush a lot when I workout if that will cause my... READ MORE

How Long Before Treated Area Clears Up?

I had Vbeam laser surgery on my cheeks on both sides of my face on Monday and today if Friday. They told me it would only last a few days. It looked... READ MORE

Can you get Vbeam laser treatments too close together?

I am receiving VBeam treatments for my post inflammatory hyper pigmentation. My doctor has spaced them 2 weeks apart. I have heard most people space... READ MORE

How Long After a V-Beam Laser Treatment Should You Continue Sun Prevention?

I've done 3 v-beam treatments over the course of a few months now. It's become hot and sunny recently and since it has my face has been... READ MORE

How Soon Can I Fly After Recieving a Vbeam Procedure?

I am considering to have a Vbeam procedure. I travel a lot for business so if I have a procedure done on a Friday would there be affects on my results... READ MORE

I Had Scar Removal on my Cheek a Few Days Ago. How Soon Can I Use VBeam to Help Remove the Redness?

I had scar removal on my cheek 3 days ago by a facial plastic surgeon. I am anxious to help get rid of the redness. I purchased silicon sheets and... READ MORE

Is is Safe to Use VBean Laser on Skin Diagnosed with Dermal Elastosis?

I have an area on the upper left dorsum of my nose that has been diagnosed with dermal elastosis. Would it be safe to use the VBeam laser on that area... READ MORE

How long does it take for the spider veins to go away?

I had v beam done on my legs for spider veins and they looked gone after the treatment but I noticed they have come back. Why did this happen and are... READ MORE

Pulsed Dye Laser / VBeam questions. How many treatments should it take to get rid of mild red marks on the face?

I'm very interested in getting a VBeam laser treatment to get rid of red marks on my face. I've researched it a little bit, but still have some... READ MORE

How far in advance before an event should one schedule a first-time Vbeam treatment for telangiectasia / mild rosacea?

If I know I will be having some important interviews and meetings in the coming months, should I hold off until those events are over? READ MORE

How long will redness of the V Beam last near collar bone area? It's been a week since I first got the procedure done (photo)

I've just recently got a v beam done right underneath my collar bone. After one week of the treatment, the redness is still there and it's making me... READ MORE

Should I do V Beam before or after a ProFractional treatment?

I need to do vbeam to treat my telangiectasia in my face but was planning on doing profractional to smooth out my skin as well. Should I do Vbeam... READ MORE

When will I notice V Beam results? (Photo)

I am growing impatient. I have has 3 vbeam treatments for old red acne scars. They have been spaced 2 weeks apart. I have had aggressive settings... READ MORE

V Beam Laser a Week After Glycolic Acid Peel?

Can I get V Beam laser done one week after a glycolic acid peel? It was a 35% glycolic acid peel that was left on for 4-5 minutes. READ MORE

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