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Is V Beam Recommended For Small Capillaries? What Are The Chances For Hyperpigmentation?

I'm considering having V Beam treatment on my face for some small capillaries on my chin, nose, moustache and cheek. I have mild rosacea and seb... READ MORE

Is it normal after the V-BEAM treatment?

I was twice V-beam treatment. I had few little veins around my nose, but nobody noticed it. So after the first nothing changed. After the second: The... READ MORE

Scar made worse immediately after VBeam, is this a normal side-effect for scars and will it improve?

I have a small recent hypertrophic scar on my nose, which was healing fine but remained slightly red and very slightly raised. I went to a... READ MORE

I have some strange wrinkled lines after Vbeam. Is this a side effect? (Photo)

I've had 3 Vbeams over 3 months. My last treatment was 4 weeks ago. After the swelling went down the last time, I noticed some strange wrinkled lines... READ MORE

I have thread veins on my face and I have tried veinwave, injections and IPL but none have worked. Shall I try vbeam?

Am worried about the sideeffects as already have scars from previous treatments and my face swelled up when had ipl. READ MORE

Is Soolantra compatible with V-beam treatment?

Hello! I have a type 1 rosácea and I'm having a laser v-beam treatment. I read some positives reviews about Soolantra and I would like to give it a ... READ MORE

Are there any side effects of V-Beam Pulse Dye Laser?

Are there any side effects of V-Beam Pulse Dye Laser. Like stopping hair growth where treatment happened. READ MORE

Is it ok to have V- beam treatment for spider vein on face administered by a nurse?

Hi there, I have been contacting various clinics in my city and it seems like most have v beam administered by a nurse rather than doctor. I am... READ MORE

I have scars after V beam laser treatment. Is this permeant or temporary side effect? (photo)

Hello, im female in my late 20's and i'm acne free about one month ago and i was not happy about acne red marks so my dermatologist recomended v beam... READ MORE

I've had V beam treatment and it seems to have caused hyperpigmentation? (photo)

So I've been treated with V-beam a few times now( is once every week too frequent?). I'm not sure if it was because my dermatologist shot at the exact... READ MORE

V Beam for broken capillaries on the lip?

I have a few pinprick sized red spots on my lower lip that my doc says are vascular. I've had v beam on my nose and cheeks before and it worked well... READ MORE

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